Include CU3 Client Update in OSD Task Sequences and Client Push Installations

Microsoft has added some nice features to ConfigMgr 2012 for instance the ability to auto upgrade your ConfigMgr clients.  Great feature however, it only includes service packs and revision upgrades.  So when a cumulative update comes out this feature is worthless.  CU3 was release back in September of this year.  Like most people I know installing a CU isn’t the first thing we all want to be doing.  Which is why I am not an administrator but a consultant and I consult people and show them how handle all the fun of patching their ConfigMgr environments.  If you haven’t already downloaded and installed CU3 you can find it here KB2994331.  I have previously written a blog on how to install Cumulative Update 1 for ConfigMgr 2012 R2 but plan to revise that blog with more information and better ways to build collections based off of query memberships.

So now we have CU3.  You have your task sequences built and maybe you are using Client Push as one of your client installation methods.  You have created your queries to discover any client that isn’t at version 5.00.7958.1401.  Which you can do fairly easy now with the new Configuration Manager Servicing Extension just released.  You have setup your deployments with the self generated CU3 client upgrade packages, and depending on how big your environment is, you are now all patched.   Some of you may have a situation where you are just deploying ConfigMgr or you have a massive Windows XP to Windows 8.1 migration going on.  (Yes, XP!  It is still out there in swarms and if you are on it all I have to say is, WHY!)  You will find that when you do a massive push of the client or you have to reimage hundreds of machines you need a better and easier way of getting the most recent updated client out the first time.   Now, there are several ways you can go about doing this.  I have decided to go about the easy way.  Hence the reason for this blog.

I got the idea from another blog, Systems Management and Automation after looking for a better solution to client updates after each Cumulative Update release from Microsoft.  This isn’t a supported method but it works for both updating the client during an OSD Task Sequence and also when you do a Client Push Installation.

Just a warning, like I mentioned before, this is not a supported way of doing this.  At least for my knowledge it isn’t yet.  Just like Matt mentioned in his blog it works for him, it works for me, and it should work for you.

Here is the quick and dirty:

  1. Create a ClientPatch folder inside the i386 and x64 folders within your Client folder on your site server.
  2. Copy configmgr2012ac-r2-kb2994331-i386.msp from ..\Microsoft Configuration Manager\hotfix\KB2994331\Client\i386 to ..\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Client\i386\ClientPatch
  3. Copy configmgr2012ac-r2-kb2994331-x64.msp from ..\Microsoft Configuration Manager\hotfix\KB2994331\Client\x64 to ..\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Client\x64\ClientPatch
  4. Update Distribution Points for the Configuration Manager Client Package located in your Software Library.
  5. Test by installing a client via Client Push or imaging a machine.  The Version of the client should now show 5.00.7958.1401.image

On a side note, you can go about upgrading your clients using Microsoft’s SCUP as well.

If you are interested in learning more about how ConfigMgr clients are updated automatically you can check out the link below.

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