MMS and User Groups

So this week I basically put a fire hose in my mouth and turned it on.  Yes, I attending probably the best conference for anyone that deals with Systems Management.  MMS has just ended and I am getting ready to fly home to be with my wife and kids for the weekend before I head to my corporate office to host an Azure Stack Design conference for my company.   For those that don’t know what MMS is, it isn’t the Microsoft Management Summit, but something better.  It is the Midwest Management Summit hosted by MNSCUG (Minnesota System Center User Group).

I highly recommend you think about attending next years conference if you can.  The sessions are presented by various MVP’s and most can go very deep which you don’t get from other conferences.  The great thing about MMS is how approachable the speakers are.  After the session, in between sessions, and anywhere you can pretty much approach them with questions and they are willing to talk and help.

It is a very heavy ConfigMgr conference but each year there have been more and more sessions dealing with things from OpsMgr, Azure, OMS, PowerShell, Automation, and this year VMWare was even represented.   My favorite sessions by far where the Birds of a feather style sessions or Ask The Expert session at the end of the conference.

If your interested just one thing the conference is limited to about 700 people. So if you plan to attend in 2018, make sure you make your plans sooner than later.

A few pictures from this years event:

  • Each day ends with beer and a final session.  Free beer!
  • SCOM Bob and myself.
  • Me getting ready for a kart ride at Smaaash during the 1E Global Event.
  • A view from my hotel.
  • The welcome reception.




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