Azure Stack – A JSON Viewer For The Downloaded Update Logs!

In one of my previous blogs Updating Azure Stack to 1804 – Logs, Logs, and More Logs – Part III I had mentioned in passing about the format of the JSON file log.  When you click Download full logs in the Update run details of that specific update running and open it the entire log is on a single line.

I had a response from one of the developers that work on the Azure Stack update team.

update message

First, I was a little shocked that people actually read my blogs and very impressed that a developer for the Azure Stack update team actually responded.  It is nice to know how interactive the teams from Microsoft have become over the years.

Long story short, he suggested I use an online tool to make the JSON readable.  I just tried it today and I have to say I really enjoyed using this tool.  It is pretty simple to use, copy and past the log you download, in the tab labeled Text, then click on the tab Viewer.


As you can see it cleans up the log file and you can actually see some very good information from the log.

They are working on making some changes to this log format but for now, I recommend you using this tool if you are like me and like to scroll through logs.  :)


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