Deploying an Azure VM using Cloud Shell on my iPhone

So sitting near my corporate office at a very delicious Indian restaurant while waiting for my laptop to get re-imaged I got bored. I didn’t have enough time to go watch Denzel Washington’s new action film The Equalizer 2 and needed to do something to entertain myself. So I did what every other Azure Cloud loving geek would do, I tested out something that was possible but I hadn’t tried yet. I opened up my Microsoft Azure App on my iPhone and started a Cloud Shell session and began to see if I could actually deploy a Windows Server Azure VM and then install IIS via the RD client.

If you haven’t yet downloaded the Azure App from the Appstore I suggest you do so. It is also available for Android but who cares about Androids? ;)

Start the app and in the lower right hand corner click the little Cloud Shell icon.

I am more comfortable with PowerShell so I changed it from Bash to PowerShell in the top left corner. It takes a few minutes to load but once it does you now have a fully functional Cloud Shell experience at your finger tips.

First thing I did was create a new Resource Group. It will make things easier to clean up after playing in this subscription.

Once the resource group is created I ran the new-azurermvm cmdlet. There are better ways to do this, since I am on my iPhone and eating lunch, I did it this way. Besides, this wasn’t about best practices. This was all about me not being bored. ;)

I used the following cmdlet and parameters:

new-azurermvm -resourcegroupname telephone -openports 80,3389 -name testVM

There are more parameters I could have passed but typing with my big fingers I used the minimum. I did make sure I include opening the correct ports on the NSG with the -openports parameter.

Once the VM was created I connected to it using the Microsoft RDP app for iPhone.

I installed the IIS Windows features using PowerShell.

Then I tested it by going to the public DNS name for this VM we just created.

Amazing, I now can say I deployed an Azure VM and installed IIS all from my iPhone.  I think I am going to play around a little more and get a little creative.

Not bad doing all this and even the blog from my iPhone. Have to love technology!

Final Thoughts

This really isn’t the best solution to deploy Azure VM’s.  It was fun to try and say I had deployed vm’s this way. I don’t see a time where someone calls you while at lunch with a high priority request to build out a solution in Azure and expect it to be done there and then.

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