Managed Disks in Azure Stack. Coming Tomorrow?

Well, it is Wednesday evening, August 29th and I was working on various tasks that needed to be done.  One of them was adding the Azure Stack Road Map to our Azure Stack Teams Channel that I have been needing to do.  One of the many tasks that I keep putting off.  Went to look up the RSS feed and noticed something strange in the RSS feed code.  I could have sworn I saw Managed Disk as being marked as Now Available?  So I went back to the Teams channel I added the RSS feed to, and right there on the list of items showing in our feed was Managed Disk Now Available.  What!  I clicked on the link to the actually Azure Roadmap and right there in front of my eyes was two beautiful words, Now Available in green on the Managed Disks in Azure Stack section.  The date that shows when it was updated is actually for tomorrow.  So that tells me something more?  Is Azure Stack 1808 going to be released tomorrow as well?  Enquiring minds want to know!!!


One thought on “Managed Disks in Azure Stack. Coming Tomorrow?

  1. Wait…what…really? This is awesome! Thank you for sharing. Getting ready to climb on to a long flight. Adding this to my reading list!


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