Ignite 2018, Bring on the swag!!!

This is going to be my very first Microsoft Ignite. I have always stayed clear mainly because of how large of a conference it is. I love people, I love interacting with people, however, I also like my space as well. That was one reason I never attended. The other, no company I worked for in the past allowed me to go and paid for it as well.

I am really looking forward to this conference. I have gained a lot of friends in the community and this is one conference that I will get to talk face to face with some of them for the first time. I am also looking forward to meeting with the product teams that I interact with online about products like Azure Stack that I love working with. I am looking forward to meeting other experts that will be there and just being able to talk to them. The sessions are all going to be good and I am very excited to sit and gain more knowledge and hopefully retain that knowledge by the end of the week. One of the last but not least is the swag!!! Yes, if you don’t mention that as being a highlight you are just lying to yourself!!! My three boys are already looking forward to my return home not just to see me but to see all the goodies I have brought back with me.

So I am going to try and blog daily of my experience at Ignite. Some days may or may not be included. I may be brain dead by the end of those days.

So for now as I wrap up my first blog on Ignite 2018 I leave with one thing that has been overwhelming already!! The hardest part of Ignite is trying to cut down all my overlapping sessions I really want to attend. I think I need to do the coin flip method on a few!!!

One thought on “Ignite 2018, Bring on the swag!!!

  1. Looking forward to connecting Kris!
    I built out my session schedule today and have the same overlapping session problem. Between Azure, SQL and client conversations, I will be busy!


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