Ignite 2018: Travel Day! (Hopefully!)

Today is travel day!!! Not as much fun as Chip Gaines Demo Day but I will manage. Looks like I will be leaving behind a very wet Texas for the week in muggy and hot Orlando, Florida.

So I am all packed up and finished a few important chores last night so my wife wouldn’t have to. Had to move my steers and donkeys to another pasture. This task isn’t too hard. A bucket full of range cubes and I am their best friend. The steers are getting a little to big for my boys to do this now and worry they will get hurt. These steers get a little too friendly!!!

As I made my 2 hour drive from the Homestead to DFW it poured down. In the middle of the night we got the warning that the Trinity river was going to hit flood stages by Wednesday. Currently levels are about 8 feet. Flood level is about 33 feet. That means they are expecting a lot of rain in the next few days up river. Love the rain, my pastures need the rain. However, not all at one time.

Well, when I had written this blog things seemed to be going well. However, as I was standing in the Priority line to check my luggage I got that dreaded notification on my American Airlines app. Flight Cancelled please click here to rebook. Since I had used my own points and money to upgrade to 1st class I expected the flight to be rebooked in the same cabin. Long story short after a few calls, a few Twitter direct messages, and some frustration I am now again booked on a direct flight to Orlando for today. I am still frustrated and not very happy with American Airlines at the moment. We will see if they will fix some of my frustrations in the next week or so?

So I sit here in the Admirals Club waiting for my flight later this evening. Hoping that this one isn’t canceled. I get some time to just unwind and relax. The positive thing is the unlimited coffee, soda beers, and more I get while chilling in the lounge.

Looking forward to seeing old friends and finally meeting friends I have never seen in person. Excited to talk to product group members of the technologies that I use. My kids are really excited for the swag I will bring

So for now, safe flights to all that are traveling. This should be an exciting week!

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