Wow!!! Honored To Be Awarded My 1st Microsoft MVP Award!

This week professionally I had some disappointments. However, this morning as I was getting ready to drive up to Dallas I saw an email that made me do my happy dance. This morning I received “the” email! I am honored to be chosen and awarded Microsoft’s MVP award in Microsoft Azure. I feel extremely honored to be among a group of very smart peers who share the same excitement about the solutions we work with daily.

I want to thank so many friends/peers that have played a very important role in assisting me along the way in my career. So many to thank but I would like to thank the first two MVP’s that I met at MMS years ago. Thanks goes out to Cameron Fuller who was the first MVP that I got to know and who also introduced me to Bob Cornelissen. These two gentlemen I respect greatly for their knowledge and for being so approachable. Then, they were MVP’s but now I consider them friends. I learned via these two guys that MVP’s are human as well and soon became friends with many more. If I can come away with anything about this award is this, all MVP’s are human but they love the technology they work with so much that they share their knowledge with the community.

So many more to thank for helping me along the journey. Mark Scholman and Thomas Maurer two friends and MVP’s who I respect greatly and who nominated me for this award.

Fellow peers in the Azure Stack community: Steve Buchanan, Kenny Lowe, Karsten Bott, Ned Bellavance, Daniel Apps, and many more!

Also, last but not least are some friends and peers at Microsoft that also helped me along the way. Thanks to Justin Incarnato for those awesome words you spoke about me, David Armour who first suggested I try, and Steve Ross for your support.

There are so many more people that I respect that have supported me along the way or whom I have learned a lot from and gained knowledge from. I wish I could thank you all in person.

Once again I am humbled and honored to receive this award and be considered to be a part of an amazing group of men and women in our community.

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