I Am Speaking at Experts Live Europe!

I am very excited to say that I have been given the chance to speak at Experts Live Europe this coming November.

I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge with my fellow peers in our awesome global community. My first approved session is something I have been focusing on more and more in my career and excited to share what I have learned along the way.

My first session that has been approved:

Whales, Helmsman, and the Borg! Oh my! Kubernetes in Azure and Azure Stack! 

New to Kubernetes? Looking to move small to large enterprises to containers? Learn about Kubernetes on many platforms running both on Azure and Azure Stack. From Pivotal’s PKS to AKS, find out how to have a successful experience with Kubernetes.

I am also really excited to visit Europe for my very first time and visiting all my friends and peers along my wild journey. I am a bit nervous since this would be my first time outside of the United States (other than crossing the Mexican border to go drinking in Juarez and going to Rocky Point

So I am also going to post my travel plans here as well. I am doing a whirlwind tour of various cities and countries to visit as much as possible. I really wish I could have had more time because there are so many places I want to see and people to visit.

So, if I know you and you know me and you are near any of these cities I am visiting below please reach out to me if you want to join me for dinner or lunch or something!!!

Travel Plans

November will be full of travel and being away from my wife and three boys.  That is the only negative thing.  I wish I could bring my family but next time maybe?  

I start in Orlando the first part of November for a week of excitement at Ignite then come back to Texas for a day and a half before headed over the pond to the UK.

November 12th:

I fly into LHR that afternoon.  I then fly up to Edinburgh to visit with one of my favorite Scot’s Kenny Lowe and also one of my favorite Germans Dino Bordonaro.  Both awesome guys and fellow MVP’s as well.  Also both love talking about Azure Stack so this should be fun. 

November 14th:

I leave Scotland and head to the beautiful country Switzerland!  Looking forward to spending time with Marcel, Isidora, and Thomas for a few days.  I heard we will be singing some famous musical song in the hills of Switzerland? 

November 17th:

I leave Switzerland and fly up for a quick visit of Belgium.  I have been told that Black Smoke BBQ is the place to get awesome BBQ in Belgium.  I am hoping to meet up with guys like Dieter, Florent, and Peter for dinner and a quick visit before I grab a train the next morning. 

November 18th:

A quick train ride over to the Netherlands to visit with friends in and around Amsterdam!  I would love to visit, eat, and drink, and also get some site seeing in around Amsterdam for the limited time I have there.

November 20th:

I give Bob a hug goodbye and head out of Amsterdam over to Prague. 

November 21st and 22nd:

Experts Live Europe!!!!!!   Come if you haven’t signed up yet!

November 23rd:

Fly from Prague to Frankfurt Germany.  Hoping to see guys like Dino and Karsten!  I really want to drive a nice sports car on the Autobahn!!!!

November 25th:

It is so hard to say goodbye!!!!   Headed back over the pond.  Should be worn out and tired by now?  Also should be ready to see my family.  I get home on the 25th just in time to let the jet lag to hit me hard before my most favorite American holiday, Thanksgiving!  Turkey time!!!!!! 

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