It is always hard to say goodbye… but Kevin is so Excited!!!


As that famous 90’s song from Boyz to Men go, “It is hard to say goodbye…” yet at the same time something new and exciting is coming and another great song comes to mind from the Pointer Sisters; “I’m So Excited!!!!”

If you know me or have followed me you are aware I was an Microsoft Azure MVP and I was a Platform Architect with NTT Data Services. Yes, you did read that correct, I did say I was an Microsoft MVP and I was a Platform Architect with NTT Data Services. I would like to scream this from the mountain tops “Kevin is coming to Microsoft!”

Kevin? It is a long story and a few people will understand the inside joke. However, the part about Microsoft is not a joke. I am so excited to announce that I am starting a new journey and living a dream. I will be joining the Global CSA group at Microsoft with a focus on Azure Stack and Apps and Infrastructure.

NTT Data Services

First of all, I really would love to give my former employer a big thank you. I am leaving a great company that is a great Microsoft Partner with a lot of very intelligent co-workers. I really enjoyed working with the team Platform R&D team and will miss each person I worked alongside to make our solutions market ready for our cloud advisory team. What does NTT Data Services do? I would rather re-phase that as to what doesn’t NTT Data Services do? For more details about what NTT Data Services can do for you and who they are please check out

Microsoft Azure MVP

Just under a year ago I was received with my first Microsoft MVP award. This would have been one of the best things I have ever accomplished in my entire career. After all, being awarded an MVP and maintaining the MVP status is not an easy accomplishment. I would say that being an MVP, and the requirements that qualify you to become an MVP actually would take as much time as a second job. So, as a new Microsoft employee, I will no longer be a Microsoft MVP. Again, something that is hard to let go but at the same time I am excited about the future and the work I will be doing with Microsoft.

The one thing I am going to make sure I keep doing is being involved with the community. I may not be an MVP anymore but that shouldn’t keep me from sharing with the community. I look forward to blogging and speaking at various users groups and conferences.

The one thing I will miss about leaving the MVP program will be the direct communication with the projects teams I get to work with as an MVP. Yes, as a Global CSA I should still have access but as an MVP there was a special connection with a lot of the Azure Stack team and other Azure teams.

Most of all, I will really miss the events like the MVP Summit and hanging out with the many new friends made as an MVP. The good thing, as I keep speaking at conferences and keep sharing in community users groups I will still cross path with many of the people I met as an MVP.

I will say that being an MVP probably did open the door for this role at Microsoft. I am so grateful to many people along the way that not only helped me become an MVP but also was just a key in my growth as an MVP and my career. Thanks to MVP’s like Pete Zerger, Cameron Fuller, SCOM Bob, Mark, Thomas, Janaka, Bert, Kenny, Ned, Dino, Mr. Apps, Steve B, and so many more.

Microsoft and the Dream (3rd Times The Charm!)

It was 1993 and I was installing Windows 3.1 on my senior year English teachers i286. I think it was like 30 3.5 in floppy disks, that took forever to install. I remember having to do it a few times because a disk my fail and the install would fail. We would kick it off again and it would actually get past that last failure.

I was a country boy going to a small school in a small town just south of Albuquerque, New Mexico. (yes, New Mexico is a state in the United States) I really didn’t have big plans. I knew I needed to go to college but didn’t know exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. I still haven’t grown up but I know what I want to do when I do. :)

Working at Microsoft was a thought back in 1993, however I wasn’t an engineer or a software developer. Moving to a small town called Redmond, WA wasn’t even on my radar at the time.

Long story short, years have went by and my ultimate career dream was having an email address. I had a on going saying that the only company that I would leave NTT Data for would be Microsoft. I had said that knowing that I had already tried 2 other times in the past to work at Microsoft. The first attempt was almost 10 years ago. I was trying to become a dedicated SCCM PFE for clients in and around the Washington DC area. My 2nd attempt was not long ago. Maybe about 4 years ago, it was going to be between Microsoft and/or SVB. I even drove 3 hours to meet the hiring manager for my final set of interviews. This position would have been onsite and dedicated for the US Army down in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Again, I didn’t get an offer. Each time, I was told that my skill set was great but I was lacking one one major thing. Being able to present and be confident in front of management and in the US Army case, in front of high level ranking officials. So this is where I think the community helped and my speaking sessions at conferences and users groups as an MVP.

So, almost 26 years after installing Windows 3.1 on my senior year English teachers i286, I can finally say that I have landed my dream career at Microsoft. Yes, I am sad to leave a great company like NTT Data Services, but I am so very excited to start my journey with Microsoft!

Sing It Kevin!!!!

I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it
I’m about to lose control and I think I like it
I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it

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