Farewell Twitter and Facebook

This will be a short blog but wanted to say that I decided to cut Twitter and Facebook off at this time. I did not like some of my reactions to people’s post and have been spending too much time on those two as well as other social media sites. I personally think that the cons for social media these days out weight the pros. That is my personal view only. I will keep LinkedIn and Instagram for now. LinkedIn will be business related while Instagram will be for those interested in my boring country life.

Hope you all understand and I will miss being able to talk to a lot of you. I am still on Skype and Whatsapp as well for now. Plus I will keep this blog and also be more active on my family honestead blog as well.

If you want to keep in contact please feel free to add me on Skype. I am also active in various Slack channels as well.


The Country Cloud Boy

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