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An Update to my earlier Dell EMC PNU Blog

A few days ago I wrote a blog on Dell EMC’s new Patch and Update Automation Tool.  I had mentioned I didn’t find the documentation on the tool until pretty much after I ran the tool the first time.  Let

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Patch and Update Automation Tool for Dell EMC VxRack Azure Stack 14G

Update: I want to update this blog with information I received. It looks like the bits that I downloaded the day this tool was released was the beta version. Dell EMC has since corrected this and the GA release of

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Backing Up Azure Stack Infrastructure

So I pretty much wasted my Friday driving 2 hours to Dallas and watching a movie for over 2 hours then driving back for 2 hours.  6 hours that I can’t get back watching a movie that wasn’t really worth

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Azure Stack: Patch and Update a Dell EMC VxRack.

The last blog I did on updating Azure Stack was focused around the Microsoft PNU processes.  This blog I will walk through how to update the Dell EMC Hardware LifeCycle Host (HLH) Server along with the OME and OMNM VM that runs

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MMS 2018!!! It is on like Donkey Kong!

So just a few days from now on Mothers Day I am flying to the great state of Minnesota (u betcha!) for one of the best IT technical conferences available.  (In my opinion that is.)  It is already time for

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Lessons Learned: Azure Stack, BGP Routing, and Big Cloud Fabric

So I ran into a situation related to networking when deploying our first integrated Azure Stack this week.  We had planned to use BGP routing for our border connectivity. However, we ran into some speed bumps along the way that almost led

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